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Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.
President Yong Hwa Shin

We are most grateful to your continuous concern and support to KMTC.

We that have our 68th anniversary of establishment this year were the first to introduce Korea / Japan full container liner service and currently provide regular container liner services to China, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Russia, Middle East, Africa.

Based on KMTC’s Own sales and cost Competitiveness, we have accomplished the surplus of 36 consecutive years which is unprecedented record in the shipping industry. Under the continuous recession and uncertainties in global economy as well as shipping industry, we have achieved outstanding performances such as excessive 2.5 million TEU, 1 trillion Won for 9 consecutive years, ranked number 2 in total volume of Busan Port, ranked number 1 in calling frequency of South Korean Ports, which firmly paves the way for 100-year-old company.

In the future, we will continue to grow with new paradigm utilizing uncertainties and limitless competitiveness in shipping industry as opportunities. We will reinforce hardware with active investments in vessels and containers based on thorough analysis and will secure software competitiveness with optimum service operations and advanced IT system on the basis of data. With robust hardware and software, we promise to provide customers with high-quality service.

We always put top priority on customers’ satisfaction and promise that around 90 KMTC corporations, branches, offices, and agencies in 25 countries will provide customers with the best services beyond expectations. In spirit of Challenge, Innovation and Creative, KMTC will proceed to 100-year-old company beyond 60 years adopting safe operation and practical value management as our main value. We dearly request customers to continuously support KMTC.

Thank you.