Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Guide

2016. 06. 23


Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Guide


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As SOLAS (Safety of Life at SEA) has been amended to mandate the declaration of Verified Gross Mass (VGM), shipper is required to provide a legitimate VGM from July 1st, 2016.


For details including how to submit VGM, please refer to the below.


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1. VGM Verification Method


      1. Method 1: Use a weighing facility to measure the gross weight of the container including cargo.

      2. Method 2: Shipper provides a total weight of cargo, packing and securing material in the container, and tare weight.

      Using the two methods above, ‘Shipper’ must provide VGM info to the liner before gate-in of the container or ‘well enough in advance’ of the vessel’s arrival at the port (exact time limit will be announced in the future).


2. Restriction of Shipment 

If VGM is not provided, container may not be shipped on board.


3. Effective date

From July 1st, 2016.


4. Responsible Party to Provide VGM : Shipper

The shipper mentioned in the B/L (include the signature of responsible party who provided the measurements)


5. Submit Methods


1) WEB S/R

Input VGM info when you submit S/R in the current e-KMTC web.


VGM input example when submitting S/R


- Loaded container number

- VGM (unit: KG)

- Verification Method: A method that was used between Method 1 and Method 2

- PIC Signature: Person in charge who provided the VGM should be inputted in English and in capital letters.

- BKG No.: There can be multiple bookings in one S/R, so each should be inputted separately.

*VGM can be inputted separately on the website, and if there are many containers, excel template can be used to upload all of them at once.



2) EDI S/R

For companies that submit S/R by electronic document through B2B agency, VGM info should be added in their data remittance or VERMAS document should be sent separately.


3) FAX or e-mail


    -If S/R is submitted by fax, VGM form can be downloaded and sent by fax.

     (VGM form will be uploaded in our website in the near future)

    -If S/R is submitted by e-mail, it can be sent using the template mentioned in 1) above.

  *Above guidelines are subject to change in actual operation of the system


6. Cut-Off Time

Cut-off time may be variable due to each area/vessel’s circumstances, so it will be notified in the website and Vessel Closing Notice at the time of booking, along with document/ container gate-in closing time.


7. Container Tare Weight Checking

Exact tare weight for each container can be found in the container door, and it will be able to be checked in our website in a near future.


Additional notifications will be announced in our website.



Thank you.

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